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SETICC is comprised of talented members all across the Southeastern Region of Ohio!


Their dedication to building a stronger trauma-informed community has resulted in incredible subcommittees that are the bread & butter of growing our organization. 

We are ALWAYS looking for new talented members to join in expanding advocacy efforts in various topics.

Check out SETICC's current committees below.


If you are interested in more information or have an amazing idea to share, please contact:

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Training Workgroup

This group will develop appropriate trainings that meet the needs and interests of SETICC’s membership. 

This workgroup’s goal will be to provide 2-3 SETICC-sponsored trainings for the region during calendar year 2023.

TIC Awareness

This work group has created awareness and advocacy materials on TIC Principles, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Media Content, & the development of SETICC's website.

This group will continue to develop material that will help educate our region on trauma-related topics.

SETICC Website & Creative Content Development Awareness Projects

SETICC's NEW Website -

If you have information which you want added to SETICC’s website, please contact:


Documentary Screening

SETICC will collaborate with Athens HOPE to host a screening and discussion of The Wisdom of Trauma.  Stay tuned for details!


We are ALWAYS looking for links to trainings in our region!  These are posted to our website so spread the word about free or inexpensive trainings.

SETICC's Roadshow

This work group’s goal will be to determine what materials are needed for SETICC to be represented at health fairs, conferences, and other public events.  The work being done was paused in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it is time to come back better than ever!

Cognitive Processing Therapy Training

This group is dedicated to offering virtual CPT training for licensed professionals within the SE Ohio region. 

If you want more information about this, please contact

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