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Supporting the people
of Southeast Ohio

SETICC educates and brings awareness to the impact of trauma and helps increase the breadth of trauma-informed services in Appalachian Ohio.

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At SETICC, we strive to help people and organizations understand the four Rs of trauma-informed care:  realize the impact of trauma, recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma, respond appropriately, and resist actions that could be re-traumatizing.


Through collaboration across the SE Ohio region, SETICC members work to educate our communities about the impact of trauma and why trauma-informed care (TIC) is so important to recovery. Through our meetings, work groups, training sessions, and resources, we want to reduce the negative effects of past trauma and improve the potential for positive outcomes.

What is trauma-informed care?

TIC is a set of principles that shape our interactions. It is a framework that any organization can implement. It is an approach to care that informs the culture, permeates our language, and guides our actions. But most importantly, TIC is not an alternative to any type of therapy, service, or care, it is a way through which they are delivered.

Why does trauma-informed care matter?

Trauma impacts people in different, sometimes devastating ways, over their lifetime. And while we don’t know whether that impact will be physical, psychological, social, socioeconomic, or a combination, we do know that when we take their experiences into consideration, we have more success improving engagement and outcomes.

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