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You might be asking yourself what is SETICC?? 


Good question!  For starters it stands for Southeast Trauma-Informed Care Collaborative and it is pronounced See-tic!  


SETICC members are all volunteers.  


Sometimes we think of SETICC as the little engine that could.  Remember that childhood story about the little blue train engine that overcame obstacles and ended up making BIG impact?  SETICC is a little like that engine.  We are small is size, but we make up for it with determination and grit. We are resilient!   We come from all walks of life but we share one common mission.  We want to grow trauma-informed services through collaboration and education while raising awareness about the impact of trauma and the importance of trauma informed practices.  YOU can help us do that!


How can you help?  We are so glad you asked!  SETICC offers low cost and even FREE trainings to organizations and community groups within the Southeast Ohio region.  Does your organization need more information about what it means to be “trauma-informed”? Reach out to us.  Want to know more about the impact of trauma? Reach out to us. Want to know more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?  Reach out to us.   


Do you feel passionately about the importance of your community or organization understanding the impact of trauma?  Consider joining us. Membership is free, of course, and you can participate in meetings and trainings as you are able.  No pressure! 


Thank you for taking time to look at our website and learn more about the importance of trauma-informed services. 

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